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Petition To Prosecute All Poachers To The Full Extent Of The Law

We the undersigned consider poaching a serious problem. We implore you to prosecute poachers as the criminals that they are, and to pursue maximum sentences for those who are convicted.

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Poaching hurts all of us. We visit the park often and the loss of these animals hurts us all.
This sort of thing has gone on long enough, w/ a slap on the wrist if the poacher "promises not to do it again." This is intolerable. Make a law, and then make it stick!
I favor tougher punishment for those convicted of poaching and other wildlife violations.
It is deplorable that poachers see fit to ignore laws against poaching. It the punishment were stiffer, maybe fewer animals would be killed for trophies. Make them pay!
Help make Colo. safe for the people and animals.
I was very sad to hear about this. It's not right to kill animals for sport.
The human debris in our society who constantly flaunt, taunt, and break the laws of civility, government, and decent moral behavior have to be held accountable for their actions! The killing of Estes Park's elk, Sampson, is but one tragic example after another of the total disregard some people have for life, be it human or otherwise. The killer of Sampson must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In addition, Colorado must take the lead in passing realistic anti-poaching legislation that is severe enough to discourage this despicable act and to make poaching (animal murder) subject to mandatory felony manslaughter charges. State legislators who are serious about the killing of our resources and act!! will have my vote--those who ignore this serious problem or continue to "slap wrists" of these killers are not our representatives ---they are the representatives of the animal-killers they protect through their inaction and leniency.
Please STOP the poaching. It's senseless! If these people need food there is a grocery store on every corner. If these people need a trophy have them take up bowling. There are NON-Violent sports. If these people don't value animal life, they can't value any life (human or otherwise). We need to protect our environment and those who depend on it. If we don't we all loose.
I would just like to say that anyone that ever saw Samson sould be out raged. Samson was a kind and gentle, and he is dead, and that man is sitting in a warm cell. Maximum sentencing os the only way to send a clear message that this will not be tollerated.
Dominion includes protection! We have laws...let's use them!
Poachers - Hang'em, Hang'em High!
I hope they proscute to the full limit. There is no reason to kill a animal for a trophy. Where was his mind? People now days do not have to kill animals to survive.
All convicted poachers should have their hunting and fishing priviledges taken away for life. They should also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, with the same lack of mercy, they showed the animals.
I think it is necessarey to send a message to poachers. It is an activity that creates an unsafe situation for humans as well as animals. Let's stop poaching before a hiker or cross country skier is killed.
To put an end to the terrible poaching problem that exists, maximum sentences should be imposed.
I am a bow-hunter. We have no tolerence for poachers who obviously do not follow the rules we are all committed to. The only way to solve is for law enforcement to be tough on all convicted poachers.
This poacher should do hard time!
Sorry to hear about Samson. Hopefully, some good will come from his demise and more people will realize what poachers are doing to Colorado's wildlife. The DOW's Operation Game Theif program can provide a way people to stop poaching and remain annoymous.
Though I've tried, I can't see it from the poacher's point of view. I'd sleep in a cardboard box under the overpass before I'd kill a magnificent animal like that to get $10,000. But throughout time greed has been a powerful motivator for those with an undeveloped respect for life. And if greed is the motivation, then I expect the only remedy is to take away the reward.
I'm an elk hunter and am outraged by the slaughter of Samson. Set an example here and show people that do not respect wildlife that Colorado citizens will not tolerate such pitiful behavior. I am glad he was caught, I think all of his hunting and fishing privledges should be revoked for 10 years. Has anybody stopped and thought about what would have happenned if they had witnessed this incident? Would they be laying in the snow next to Samson?? By giveing a tough sentence to this poacher and advertising it, we might send a message that we mean action when animal poaching laws are violated!! As a hunter, I get up at 4:00 am, walk a lot of miles, don't get back to the camper until 5:00 pm. I have gone for years without seeing elk. Any person that can shoot an animal, and is not planning on using the meat in some fashion, should be considered a poacher.
I think that the killing of Sampson should be made an example. It is time that people should be punished for doing such a terrible thing, and we all should understand that anything that is living is worth saving and protecting. The law should punish to the full extent. There is no excuse. The man who killed Sampson knew where he was at the YMCA, that is UNEXCUSABLE.
As permament residents of Estes Park and lovers of all things beautiful, we deplore this senseless act.
Poaching should be a felony with a mandatory prison term and a minimum fine that should be made mandatory, even if it has to be taken from the felon's estate.
I'm a hunter and an outdoorsman. I find poaching to be inexcusable. I consider this poacher to be nothing more than a criminal. Poaching hurts the image of hunting as a sport and as a sportsman we have to be tougher on poachers than those individuals not in the sporting arena.
As visitors to Estes Park for the past 24 years, my family and I heartily join the effort to support stiff penalties and fines for poaching. We enjoy the wildlife of the area and covet our time there, away from the bustling city. Poaching should be seriously punished.
have a home in Estes that borders on the National Forest. During hunting season, I am terrified to go outside or even take my pets out. If I saw someone poaching, I know that I would personally be afraid to confront him. I support any efforts you think would improve this situation. Thanks.
I think the poacher should receive the maximum penalty as a lesson for other poachers. Furthermore, I think the news media should publish the names of other poachers, if known.
Please prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law. They know perfectly well they are breaking the law. Further, I have lots of deer in my backyard and I don't want some jerk shooting them in my back yard. The numbers of wildlife poached each year are growing, so obviously the current practice of deferring sentences is not deterring these criminals. Put a stop to it by applying the maximum sentences allowable.
The penalty for poaching needs to be high. Its a senseless crime that needs to be stopped. We need enforcement and a legal system that will follow through on accessing the maximum penalties.
I would like to thank the people who created the Samson home page for bring this important problem to the attention of the public. Just in case these poachers don't realize it, there are reasons we have laws that govern hunting and fishing. It is behavior of the most deplorable kind that these people would kill in flagrant violation of those laws. Poachers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Samson's killer should not only have his hunting and fishing privileges permanently revoked, but he should also serve time in jail.
I am an avid outdoors person and hunter who thinks poachers should be prosecuted as criminals. From my perspective, poachers are cowards and criminals that need to be delt with in a strict fashion. I support this petition and would like to help in any way that I can.
A part of what makes your area so bveautiful is now gone. Do whatever is needed to help stop the idiots.
unting has a place in todays society, But poaching does not.. To illigally kill an animal or pet, as Sampson was, is unexcuseable. Please see that laws are increased to protect our wild America, and to protect the people who live in these areas.
To be so close to such a special creature as Sampson must have been such a thrill for Jim Boyd. We feel sorry for his loss. Poachers are common criminals and should be punished to the maximum extent of the law. Loss of hunting privileges for life plus a stiff prison sentence is a good start!
I am a hunter, and deplore the conduct of poachers such as the person who killed Samson. They should be dealt with for what they are -- criminals!
I was outraged by the news of Sampson'. I hope that thousands of others are too and will push to convict all poachers to the fullest extent.
I Hope People Don't Think ALL Hunters Are This Way, There Is A BIG Diffrence Between A Legal Hunter, And A Poacher
We've made life difficult enough for wildlife by encroaching further and further into their habitat, cutting them off from their food, water, breeding and birthing grounds. Please provide protection from those who wantonly abuse and murder this precious resource by establishing AND ENFORCING strict animal protection laws. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.
I despise crime of any sort but poaching is a particularly vicious crime which shows utter lack of respect for the law, fellow men and for nature itself. Prosecute these criminals!
Prosecute all poachers!
I think that this type of killing should be prosecuted in the same manner as the premeditated murder of a human being!
I am a long-time area resident, having grown up in Loveland. I'm also a very avid hunter, both with rifle and bow. The poaching of Samson is a deplorable crime, and the poacher should be punished to the full extent of the law for the crime he committed. All poaching is a crime, and I think the law doesn't adequately punish offenders. One thing that bothers me, though is the negative comments about hunters and hunting that I read on this forum. If Samson had been shot in a legal hunting season, in a legal hunting area, would there still be such an uproar? I have hunted and legally taken large elk in the Estes Park area in past years. The people of Estes Park need to face reality, and recognize that this needs to be done to control the elk population in the area, or quit taking our money from the DOW as compensation for property damage caused by elk and other game.
Let's treat poachers like they treet the animals

Lee Lasson, Estes Park On-Line