Escalante Labor Day, 9/1/2007

Linda, Deb and Dianne go canyoneering in the Escalante.

Sunrise on the San Rafeal Reef

Dianne can't figure out how to lengthen the 0.2 second camera timer

Bag ladies at the Egypt trail head

Hallucinagenic Datura

Leaving Fence Canyon to do Neon


We enter through a narrow side canyon

lots of frogs in the long wet corridoor

Very early on we are hindered by a rattle snake coiled on the bottom of a section only a foot wide. Linda got a 6 foot stick from up canyon & we took turns keeping it occupied while each stepped by a foot above.

The water was clear and cool.

We swam long distances with Linda pulling ahead having competatively swam in high school.

A polywog

Linda at the start of the Golden Cathedral rap

Dianne rapping into the Golden Cathedral

Deb rapping into the Golden Cathedral

Thanks to Linda for these great photos

Back at camp we decide the timing is not right for chop Rock the next day so we break camp and head back up to the rim.

Drying racks

Sunday we opt for the short a relatively wide slot of Egypt 2.

We didn't have enough rope to do the 300ft rap at the start. Up at the top left there is a person standing but can only be seen with zoom

Conditions today are exceptionally muddy.

Time to exit the canyon and head home

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