Death Valley, 4/12/2007

DEATH VALLEY - Michael, Dianne and Bill

Dianne and Michael spend one night at the Mirage and see Cirque de Soliel Love

Friday we do Grotto C. Bill-style

Bill explains the objective is to get up canyon.

But the sit down start is mandatory and not happening for Dianne

Bill's recovering from a broken thumb and fingers so he is bouldering under par.

Interesting dike

A little side canyon

Saturday we hike Marble C. with lots of rope just in case something pops up around the corner.


the death plant

the death plant clings to everything with its barbs

Beaver tail cactus

nice layers with a fault line

marble striations

a dust storm as seen from camp

Sunday we are off to explore a target scoped and planned by Bill

First objective is to climb a peak.

Indian Paintbrush

Collared lizard

Big horn skull.

After 4 hours of hiking way out there the weather turns bad and we decide to abort the mission. It'll be there next year.

Telescope Peak in the clouds.

Monday we're off to do a less commiting canyon, Coffin.

Coffin drops dramatically at the end.

Photos don't do the 180 ft rap justice.

Don't look now Michael but right above you is pending doom.

End of another fun day.

No rest for the wicked. Last day is Willow Canyon (aka Tamarisk Thrash C.)

Trying to toss over the hanging pool

Bill pulls the rope out of the water and raps on down.

slicker than snot

the death pool

Bill waiting patiently

cooling off for the hike out.

Why not wash our hair for the flight home at 6am tomorrow?

Bill rides off the collect the car.

Looks like a nice evening ride but it was 10 miles into a ferocious headwind that was a good 40 mph at the pass. Bill's the Man!! Thx!

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