Utah Women's Trip, 3/29/2007

GIRLS CANYONING TRIP - Deb, Dianne, Diedre, Jean & Margie

Ivan comes along in spirit

Thursday is snowing so we opt for Happy C. via the miner's rap.

The Black Jump Bench is strewn with petrified wood.

Jean & Deb mark the ends (maybe) of a 30 ft log waiting for full excavation.

Entering Happy Canyon

Looking up at a chock stone

Recrossing the river it starts snowing again. Sucky mud tries to claim Deb's Tevas and she falls into the river.

Run away! Run away! (Actually she didn't get too wet.)

Second attempt is successful. We head back to the car with our alotted petrified wood. We travel the last mile or so in bright moonlight.

After a chilly night we wake to a glorious day and snow covered Henry Mnts.

Deb's had her eye on Arscenic since last Spring. Jean looks on as she starts down the 200 ft rap.

Doesn't look as bad as Dianne made out.

Henry mnt. framed in arch.

Margie, Deb, Diedre, Jean and Dianne do Adobe Swale on Saturday.

Jean on the first rappel


Dianne, Jean and Margie

Diedre joins us.

Jean, Diedre, Margie and Deb dig up the deadman and rebuild to ensure it is okay. It seems to be the same configuration that Dianne, Deb and Mia left last Spring.

Jean rapping down

Margie follows

The infamous Mestdagh Anchor still holds true.

Dianne trusts it.

Diedre starts a stretchy DC

Well executed.

Deb does it with her own style.

Margie DCs the one we should have rapped since the anchor was there anyway.

Sunday we do the West Fork of Monoxide.

the approach

Dianne, Diedre, Margie, Jean and Deb at the head of Monoxide.

Margie and Diedre start DCing.

The Glamor Girlz do Monoxide.

Dianne DCs to the top of the rap but is intimidated by the last 10 feet and waits for a spot to rap down.

Diedre heads down.

And provides a glorious spot with scoped out foot holds.

There is no anchor so the girls above start ferrying down rock and a deadman is constructed.

Madonna of the Pot Hole - Diedre backs up the anchor.

Dianne goes first confident of the anchor

Deb raps

Jean follows

End of a fun four days.

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