Zero Gravity, 4/23/2006

Dianne and Cindy

The approach to Zero Gravity provides an overlook into the festivities to come.

Aspen-Girl in her fur tipped stocking cap.

At the start of Zero Gravity is a bridge over a pretty pool. As we sit for a snack a few sprinkles fall.

But we know there are some excapes so Cindy and Dianne start down canyon while Judy and Margie go off to explore other drainages.

The water's not too bad today.

Lots of water

High but easy chimneying above a slot.

fun slots with water

Cindy in a chimney stem, climbing out of the keeper. Pretty easy but then she is a gifted climber.

Okay the mantel out of the pot hole is a little more strenuous

This is what Cindy sees from her perch.

Making progress.

Things are getting tighter but the alternative is a bombay chimney so we stay wedged.

Looking down from the wedge.

The Dallin idea of a "Boudoir Shot"

Cindy's turn to descend. There is a rap station here but we wanted to complete the canyon without ropes or aid.

One last pleasant swim and then a 15 minute hike to the car. No gear besides wetsuit and helmit needed.

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