Spain, part 7, 1/4/2006

Muller trip to Spain, part 7

Cordoba. The bell tower at the Mezquita (which is a 10th century mosque, converted to a Christian cathedral in the 13th century.

Inside the Mezquita. It is an amazing place.

Moorish architecture inside the Mezquita

One of the many side chapels in the Mezquita

Bones in a side chapel in the Mezquita

The cathedral's nave in the center of the Mezquita

Statues in Cordoba

Waterwheel in Cordoba

Lane of Flowers outside of the Mezquita

Some beggar looking for handouts in front of the old synagogue in Cordoba

St Michael's Cave in the Rock of Gibraltar

The Barbary Apes of Gibraltar, Europe's only wild monkeys

Shrine of the Virign of the Rock in Mijas, near Malaga

Inside the shrine

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