Galapagos Baltra and Santa Cruz, 12/15/2006

Christine and Dianne with friends

At the airport in Baltra the finches had beaks evolved for rice and plantain.

We visited a farm on Santa Cruz where wild tortoises abound.

Dianne is outweighed by a tortoise.

Mating doesn't look fun for the female. The girls do try to get away but are pinned.

passion fruit

passion fruit flower

old caldera

sea lions lounge at dock.

Our camp on Baltra is idyllic.

Karen and Judy

Alen, Dan, Michael's back and John (guide) cooking with assistants.

Michael, Alen and May Win

The shelter has a short bamboo wall to keep out freeloading sea lions.

Alen, Dan, Gerry, Karen and another amazing sunset.





female frigatebird

pelican in morning light

oyster catcher

Baby sea lions on Isla Seymour

sea lions

galapagos gull on Seymour

A mother sea lion works to keep her pup from the rough surf.

young pups

Tres amigos are lookin at ya!

juvenile and chick frigatetbirds

frigatebird chick

female and male frigatebirds courting

blue footed booby

male frigatebird inflating his balloon.

frigatebird mating dance

blue footed booby and ocean spray

blue footed booby

blue footed booby


frigatebird nesting on Isla Seymour

male and female frigatebirds have found each other and settled down.

Iguanas seek shade in the day and pile up at night to retain heat.

Dan probably contemplating jumping in with a hammerhead.

Gathering for the last kayaking adventure.

Karen, Chalo (guide) and Dianne

Michael and May Win launch.

Another one.

Chalo and Andres our Ecuadorian guides.

Gerry passes May Win the bottle.

Our cushy sleeping quarters. Gerry and Judy

Andres, Alen and Chalo. Dan and Karen up front.

Chalo, kayak guide and mechanical engineer who has worked on portaledge design.

departure morning

blue heron


preening pelican

Back in Quito, our farewell dinner overlooks the hill with the nativity scene and Our Lady of Quito

Dianne, Michael, May Win, Alen, Dan, Wally, Gerry, Judy and Karen

Dan, Wally, Gerry, Judy, Karen Jan, Dianne, Michael and Alen.

Dianne and Christine made it through another overseas adventure and remain friends.

Judy and Karen


Christine and Josh


Aden loves his Galapagos penguin.

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