Galapagos San Cristobal, 12/10/2006

Christine and Dianne with friends

Waiting for the boat at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal

Seals sleep on the water taxis

The boat drops at the beach where our kayaks wait.

2-3 hours of paddling take us to the bay where camp is set up by guides.

male Darwin finch (one of 14 speces of finch on the Galapagos islands)

Karen, Andres, Dianne, May Win and Jan in camp

blue heron in flight


morning jaunt to Cerro Brujo

tunnel in the flank of Cerro Brujo which kayakers paddled through

greeters at our picnic beach

picnic beach

Two playful sea lions swam with us while snorkeling. They seemed to like to race swimmers.

Yellow warbler

Nothing bothers this tired pup.

blue heron

sea urchins at various stages of decay

Allen meets up with a bull sea lion.

urchin, crab and lobster remains

beautiful colors

We take a motor boat from lunch out to Kicker Rock.

Kicker Rock ahead

The water is deep out here. This is the remains of a volcanic plug.

Sharks often rest in the corridor splitting the formation.

blue footed booby

We snorkeled into the corridor and found a school of at least 7 galapagos sharks and 6-7 eagle rays swimming in formation.

back at camp for the evening

looking out at Kicker Rock

Dianne, Karen, May Win, Marnie, Jan & others get a nature lecture from guide Chelo on right.

Andres, Dan, Wally, Karen, May Win, Marnie, Dianne & Chelo.


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