Ecuador - Quito , 12/9/2006

Dianne & Christine in Quito 12/9/06

View of Cerro Cruz Loma from our Quito hotel balcony.

View of the Quito Old Town World Heritage Site from Parque Itchimbia

Crystal Palace

Hill with Virgen de Quito and nativity.

Crystal Palace

Basilica del Voto Nacional has native species instead of gargoyles.

Iguanas, turtles are on the first tier with birds on the upper level.




monkeys and jaguars



rosette inside the basilica

Church of Fransican Convent

view of Virgen of Quito from square.

the other dirrection

Christine taking a photo Outside of the La Compania de Jesus. No photos allowed inside this impressive church which supposedly is guilded with 7 tons of gold.

Tower in background with Christine, Wally, Karen and Andres.

La Compania de Jesus

Monument to liberation of Ecuador. Wounded lion (Spain) is vanquished by eagle (Ecuador)

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