Mind Bender, 4/8/2006

Dianne, Mia, Deb & Margie

Deb starts our day with mood setting music

Mia, Margie, Deb, and Dianne

Margie and Deb at the start

Looking down on Mia

Finally found a use for those old Sportiva tights

The second repel is off an ibis hook

Margie is the last one down. She must rap without a backup anchor.

Margie carefully slides over the lip while watching the hook.

Way to go girl!

There was some full on swimming today.

Chilly W hilly

Canyons are hard on wetsuits

The GirlZ

Down climb or 3rd rap.

Sun on uS

After warming up we press on.

Deb does the big rap off the small pile of rocks.

The tree landing

Next comes Margie.

Last but not least is Mia.

Looking down at the Moki Step exit.

Deb, our fearless leader, belays everyone else up the exit.

Mia brings up the rear with 2 packs

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