HARD DAY HARVEY, 3/26/2006

Michael, Dianne & Helmut

Bjorn is out exploring

Helmut, Dianne & Michael on the road again.

Interesting down climb.

At one point it gets so tight harnesses must come off.

The sqeeze goes on and on.

Helmut provides the human anchor.

Dianne is comfortable with the balast but keeps her center of gravity low.

Our pants our getting shredded.

Sometimes the ticket is to stay high. Less abrasion.

an arch makes for a photo op

Helmut moving out.

Dianne raps into a pothole.

Helmut has exited the pothole via a nice crack.

Found another weird anchor with a knot we've never seen in our combined 55 years of climbing.



Late night drive home but great scenary while it's light.

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