Good bye to the Muller Farm, 5/16/2004

The Muller Farm is being sold. Everyone gathers for a goodbye picnic.

Jeffrey, Mathew, Sarah, Madison, Jackson

Mathew, Sara, Madison

The Muller boys have a 6 year tradition of an "All Sports Weedend" that they folded into the picnic. Invitees play wiffle ball in yellow t-shirts.

As tradition dictates the cake didn't arrive without a casualty.

John and Herb get the grill going.


Jeanette, Ray and Mom (Dianne)

Dianne, Joanne, Terri and Damian create fruit trays.

Magdeline and Dianne with the 2 new Gordon twins, Cicelia and Thomas. Big sister ? looks on.


Michael and Ray prepping for 21st birthdays coming up in the next 2 months.

Anna Banana

All Sports Weekend - washer toss

Dave says "Bring em on."

Theresa and an ASW dude

Ahhh, now it makes sense. Commemoration of Steve fallling out of the apple tree.

The food line.

Mark, Tim, dude, Magdiline, Jeanette

Mom, Cammie, Dianne, can't tell, Frank, don't know

Michelle, Shelly, Patty, Eric, Kathy, Elroy, Jan, Hollee

Clockwise from front - Jeffrey, Brennen, Steve, Mom, Dianne, Cammie

Mom and Dad cut the cake. Mabelle and Theresa are on the fringe.

Chris takes his little girl looking for frogs.

Coleen, Nancy and Michelle take Sara, Madison and Coleen's daughter for a swin at the lake.

The Gordon girls, Anna, Marita and Kevin?

Brian pulls the raft around

Michelle take Sara, Madison and Colleen's little girl boating

Jeanette and Ray return from visiting old haunts

Chris has joined the Boating Party

Dianne returns to her Witches Hut. Can't quit fit anymore and besides the wall has collapsed.

Old friends reunited. Eva and Dianne

A short rain rolls through not phasing most picnicers. A rainbow wraps it up.

Anna back on the swing with Richard pushing.

Back to Colorado. (Ray needed this photo for a bet.)

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