Galapagos - San Cristobal, 12/10/2006

Dianne, Christine, Karen, Jerry, Wally, Judy, Mai Win, Michael, Marny, Jan, Allen and Dan paddle and camp with guide Andres.

Sea lions bask on a water taxi.

Christine, Marney, Jan, Mai Win, Dan, Andres, Judy, (Wally, Allen, Michael) Jerry, Karen on our way to pick up the kayaks.

Being fitted (kind of) to our kayaks

Christine paddles while I take photos. Kicker Rock (middle distant) is tomorrow's destination for swimming with sharks.

Cerro Brujo (wizard hill) is tomorrow's distination. Today's goal is a beach to the right of Cerro Brujo which can't be seen yet.

We made it though with a some time to spare. Clothes are hung to dry in the last rays of the day.

Darwin finches appear first thing in the morning. This species has a beak adapted to coffee cake.

Morning launch to visit Cerro Brujo.

Cerro Brujo still a ways away.

Our fellow paddlers pull ahead as Dianne stops to take photos. It's tough to get photos with the waves tossing.

Fortunately, they wait for us.

Getting closer.

Dan and Allen go into a forming tunnel (the cathedral?) but Christine and I pass as we understand it is tough to get back out.

Allen, Dan, Mai Win and Michael check out the cathedral.

Jerry and Karen with Kicker Rock.

Tunnel in the flank of Cerro Brujo.

Kayakers line up and shoot through the tunnel.

Andres oversees the progress from the yellow single-man kayak.

Christine and I get into position.

Christine must do all the work because I need both hands to take the photos. The exit is rather dicey.

But there is a boat on the other side waiting to fish us out if we biff. We made it, no problem.l

Sea lions wait for us on the beach.

Bullseye Puffer Fish. Snorkling is rather murky at this beach. This is the last photo before my waterproof camera became water logged.

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