Eardley Canyon, 4/23/2006

Judy, Dianne, Deidre, Margie, Cindy

Margie, Deidre, Cindy, Judy and Dianne

Indian paintbrush is blooming.

Clusters of Evening Primroses are out too.

We approached Eardley from the bottom with some great overlooks into fun to come.

The descent into the canyon

Margie had commented that she needed a bath.

The canyon is spectacular with striped rock and soft silky curves.

Climbing around a keeper pothole.

Sliding into the next pool.

Okay, we're starting to get cold.

Easy jump but we decided it was best to keep our hair dry.

Margie got her bath.

Almost done. We are all really, really cold now.

Last rappel. Sun around the corner.

Oh yea, One last little dip. If I hug the wall can I avoid swimming.

The photographer bets not.

Hi Mom. I got a little dirty but boy was it fun!!!!

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