Thanksgiving 2006, 11/23/2006

Dianne and Michael's Thankgiving trip to commune with the Anasazis

Backpacking down into Fish Canyon

A couple of other travelers pump water from flowing Fish Creek.

Anasazi ruins out of reach without ropes

Home for the night is at the confluence of Owl and Fish Canyons.

Preparing a feast of turkey, stuffing, gravey, corn and of course pumpkin pie.

Nevills Arch - the next day we proceed up Owl Canyon to work off that Thanksgiving feast.

Owl Creek has plenty of fresh sping water

We climbed up a wall looking for ruins but this spot was a bust.

Ah, but around the next corner one comes into view.

This one we climb up to and have lunch of turkey leftovers, of course.

Dianne says don't bother to compost your corn cobs.

More extensive ruins at the Owl Canyon exit.

The view from the keva.

pottery shares.

The Keva

Petrogliphs - small hand prints high on the wall.

Sunset leaving Fish and Owl. We are on our way to rendezvous with Ram, Judy and family.

Abbreviated Pandora's Box with Judy, Chritina, Ryan, Michael and Dianne.

Michael DCs

Michael about 10 ft off the deck.


Dianne skinnies through

oops, pack is stuck.

To get through here Dianne slithers on the sandy bottom where it is wider.

The exit.

To continue down the canyon you negotiate this minor log jam.

But we're done for the day and so take a side canyon out.

Looking down our exit

Michael spotted a nice peice of petrified wood on the hike in so on the way out we stopped and excavated.

We uncovered quite a bit of this petrified truck but didn't reach the end. We'll go back and work on it another day.

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