North Wash area canyons, 10/15/2005

North Wash girls canyoneering trip

Deb, Margit, Margie & Dianne at the head of West West Butler C.

Margit & Margie start down

Deb in the slot

Margie above

Can Dianne smile any bigger?

Margie exits the clam

Deb makes her grand exit

Margie is the last one through the keeper pothole

the disconnect

Deb anchors for Margie's pothole exit

Muddy Margie exits the pothole

On Sunday Marigt, Deb & Dianne do an undocumented canyon. Margie sprained an ankle and had to return to the car. : (

Deb executes the first rap

Margit coming down

Margit starts down the long steep escalator

Margit at the bottom of the 60 ft ?? controlled slide

Deb on her descent.

The final 120 ft rap is through a dark corkscrew. The white dot is Deb's helmet.

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