Pine Creek and Waterfall Gulch, 10/8/2005

I went back to Aspen to explore Pine Creek and Waterfall Gulch for canyoneering potential. One half star!

A mine near Pine Creek. It only went in 10 feet.

Pine Creek above the gorge

The first waterfall, and the first of many - MANY - log jams.

Up close look at the first waterfall

The gorge contains many small waterfalls, but very little canyoneering interest

Very pretty, though

And very green. The gorge is incredibly mossy.

You pretty much downclimb everything, though you get a little wet. Lots of logs and some brush. Not a recommended canyon unless you've done it all.

A lot of the logs are covered in moss

The final falls in the gorge

After Pine I crossed the valley and explored Waterfall Gulch. This is the view back towards Cathedral Peak area

Waterfall gulch has one long slabby waterfall, but no narrows. A pretty spot to photograph.

The lower half of the falls

I tried to get all the waterfall into one shot, but it is too slabby

The lower falls

The falls in their entirety (trust me)

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