Black Hills Climbing, 9/3/2005

Climbing in the Black Hills with Dianne, plus Steve and Margit (and Julia!) and Steve and Cammie (and Brennan!)

Climbing near Mt Rushmore, Steve Muller

Margit with Julia and Brennen behind

Babysitting duties while not climbing

Steve and Julia conquer the rock

Brennan plugs Steve's ears

Dianne atop a tower in the ATen Pins

Face in the sun, hair blowing in the wind

heading towards the climbs after a morning shower

Dianne starts up a climb

Dianne nears the top

Brennan waits for his turn to climb

Brennum said his first word today "cheese". The boy likes to eat.

Steve and Cammie climbing

Steve & Cammie at the top

Dianne at home atop another tower

Dianne rappin' off

bye bye

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