Colorado Canyoneering, 7/10/2005

Canyoneering in Colorado with Dianne, John, Charly, Judy and Donna

Approaching the Quartzite Corridor

First drops

John rigs the second rappel

The first rappel

Coiling the rope after the second rappel

Down lots of slides and chutes

The third rappel

The Quartzite Corridor itself

More rappels

The La Cappella waterfall

Very scenic. But this drop is very dangerous and technical.

The final drop.

A few downclimbs and swims at the bottom

Blue Moon Canyon. This is the Blue Moon Tunnel, and avalanches the winter before made it longer than usual

The Grotto. Avalanches dumped a lot of trees there over the winter. They also plowed over the trees we used for anchors...

The Inner Gorge

Rappel 4

The tunnels from the previous year were gone. In this one's place was a new rappel, or a long bypass.

The Crystal Section

We couldn't downclimb this year due to rainy weather and slick rocks. So we traversed to a tree and rappelled.

The final rappel

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