Arapaho Peak Climb, 7/17/2005

Climbing south and north arapaho peaks in the Indian Peaks wilderness, with Dianne

Scenes from the approach along the 4th of july trail

The flowers were all in bloom

Looking towards neva

What Roach calls "Quarter To Five Peak"

"Quarter To Five" and the pass just east of it

Neva (right) and Jasper


South Arapaho

North Arapaho in the background

The final trudge up South Arapaho

Yours Truly on the summit of South Arapaho

Dianne on the summit


The ridge between north and south arapaho is class 3

The crux of the traverse. Class 3 slabbiness (class 4-ish for the unawares)

Looking down arapaho glacier

Tower on the ridge

North Arapaho

Dianne on the summit. We didn't stay due to clouds moving in.

Looking north from the summit

South Arapaho

The ridge from the north

Looking north into the Arapaho Glacier basin


The "Quarter To Five"/North Arapaho pass. The tower left of middle looks like a cat up close.

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