Robbers Roost, 4/30/2005

Cowboy Cave and upper Bluejohn in the roost with Dianne

Some other canyoneers on the rappel into s&m canyon (twin box corral)

The desert in bloom!

We hiked down a pretty canyon, then up another, to reach the Cowboy Camp

The Cowboy cave. It is really several shelter caves.

It goes back surprisingly far

Old cabins in the Roost, near the Bluejohn trailhead

A spring

Starting down bluejohn

Unfortunately it was raining. After hiking some narrows, we exited the canyon, rim-hiked down past the narrows, then explored up the narrows for a ways.

Rain-drenched slickrock

When small waterfalls appeared, we headed back

Beautiful narrows. The water was starting to slowly flow. A shame the weather prevented us from spending more time.

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