Honeymoon, 3/4/2005

Honeymoon to the West Indies

The adventure begins...

Sint Maarten, swimming in the sea

An old ruined fort near Philipsburg

Cruise ships. Ours is the small sailing vessel dwarfed beneath the large ships.

Ah, one day in paradise, and we're already bouldering!

Our ship, the Polynesia

Dianne helps with the sails

Amazing grace plays in the background...

We wake up near the island of Nevis. The small town is Charlestown.

The polynesia

We go ashore for a walk

We find some hot springs (quite hot!). But it was way to hot and muggy outside to go for a dip. Tempting, though...

Ruins on Nevis

The Alexander Hamilton house

We walked along the beach. A local is fishing.

Snorkeling off of Saint Kitts (very fun!)

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Very colorful coral

The clouds have left Nevis (not for long)

Sunset on the caribbean

The next day, my turn to help with the sails

We leave Nevis behind...

Sunrise on the sails

Off to Saint Kitts for more snorkeling

Dianne with some sort of creature from the depths

an old sunken cannon, the remnants of a sucken ship that only reappeared recently (uncovered by a hurricane)

After our snorkel we went sea kayaking

An old ruined boat

More snorkelling

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The ruined ship again

Dianne and I went for a walk around Basseterre on Saint Kitts

Unique architecture

St Barts

We bought a baggette (it is a french island, after all) and made for Shell Beach

The aptly named Shell Beach

A french kitty in Gustavia on St Barts

Getting ready to snorkel off of St Barts

We snorkelled in a small cove. We could see our boat from it.

What we saw underwater at St Barts

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Sunset at St Barts

We end up at a small island called Tintemarre. It is near St Martin, and is uninhabited except by lots of goats. There is a nice beach and a little more...

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We snorkelled a little

Lots of boats for people heading to Tintemarre's beach

We went for a hike...

The opposite side of Tintemarre. The beach isn't sand, it is all coral that has washed up.

Off to great adventures... (including poison oak and lots of scratches and cacti)

We found a nice arch...

After trying to cross the island, and getting hit with poison oak, scratched up by nasty bushes, and hit with several cacti, we make it back to the beach, and try one last quick snorkel.

Then back to the boat

We leave the Polynesia behind, and catch a lift to the small island of Saba.

Saba is basically a giant mountain rising out of the sea.

A beautiful Catholic church, painted by a local artist.

We stayed at an eco lodge, and had to take a short hike to get to it.

View from our ecolodge cabin

The trail up Mt Scenery (the highest point in the Empire of the Netherlands) is basically a few hundred steps. As are most trails on this island.


Cloud forest near the summit

Several summits to Mt Scenery

That rock is really the top of a large underwater spire. Divers love it.

View from the summit. One of the small towns on Saba (Windwardside)

The summit. The top of the Netherlands!

The airport, far below us, is the only flat spot on the entire island.

View Across the Sea

Very lush.

We decided to hike from the ecolodge down to the Bottom, and attend church. Yes, we hiked to church. What a great place!

We caught a boat to go snorkelling.

The area we snorkelled is a nesting area for turtles. So we finally saw a few!

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A strange crab creature lives several hundred feet up the mountainside, near our ecolodge.

We then went on a long hike around Saba.

The small town of Hell's Gate

An old sulfur mine

Inside the mine (very hot and nasty inside)

Wild goats of Saba


This part of the trail is very lush. And they mow it.

A banana tree

Dianne climbs for Oranges

yum! (actually not, they weren't sweet at all, but I guess the goats love them)

Exploring Windwardside

A museum.

We went back to the bottom and took lots of photos of the church.

The painter used pictures of local kids as models for the cherubs, fairies and children in the painting.

Our cabin at the eco lodge

Mt Scenery

Everywhere you go on Saba requires a hike. Here we hike to dinner.

The owner uses this car to carry luggage for people.

Mt Scenery, from the airport. Heading home...

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