Sawtooth Mt, 8/22/2004

Dianne and I celebrate my 30th birthday by climbing Sawtooth Mountain in the Indian Peaks (12,304ft)

On the approach, Elk Tooth is on the left

Wildflower meadow and stream just below Red Deer Lake

The east ridge of Sawtooth. It is a fun ridge, mostly a hike, but with a few easy 3rd class moves.

The north face of Paiute Peak, as seen from Sawtooth's east ridge

Pagoda, Longs and Meeker (left to right) as seen from Sawtooth's east ridge

The top of the ridge is a talus slope. This is looking down the ridge from the slope.

Another shot of Paiute

aaaaaaah, how cute

The slope that leads to Sawtooth, from Buchanan Pass

Thunderbolt Peak from Buchanan Pass

Pt 12,059 (far left) and pt 12,361 (far right) as seen from Buchanan Pass

Looking down the Middle St Vrain drainage from Buchanan Pass

Happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me... haaaaaaaapy biiiiiirthday to meeeeeee...

This is the east ridge of Sawtooth, viewed in profile from the trail below Buchanan Pass

Buchanan Pass from the east

Another view of the east ridge, with the summit in the center of the photo

A meadow on the way down, with Copeland Mt on the horizon

Sawtooth and friend

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