Fry Canyon, 5/23/2004

The Frylette, Dianne, Linda and Bjorn

The Studs, Mike and Helmut, leave the women and children back at camp and decend into Gravel Canyon

Linda, Dianne and Bjorn have their own ideas.

Frylette Canyon

Linda and Bjorn at the start

Dianne & Bjorn pose.

Linda blows up the lobster boat

Linda entices Bjorn into the water.

Bjorn, reigning king of Frylette, floats on his litter.

away they go!

Dianne takes over conveyance duties.

Down the next stretch we go.

Look ma, no hands!

Opps, Dianne is swimmin along side.

Out of the water and on to Snoopy Snacks!

Lobster tied to Diannes back, just in case there's more water ahead.

Looking down from above into Frylette.

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