Escalante, 3/26/2004

Escalante with Dianne, 03/26-29/2004

Packing up

Sea of Dunes

The Lake Powell bathtub Ring in the distance

Our destination is Lower Caterpillar

Interesting narrows with flowing, crystal clear water. At high pool, this and everything below it is submerged under Lake Powell.

We rigged ropes and later ascended them back out.

Jugging back to the rim

Later we visited Hole In the Rock

Very stiff socks

We found this old rusty trap in Egypt 2

Continuing down Egypt 2

Click Here For A Movie

We exited 1/3 of the way through the canyon to begin the long drive home. We crossed this Turtle Shell Rock area.

On the way home we drove through Capitol Reef and took some photos.

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