Bryce and Maple Canyons, 6/18/2004

Bill in front of Bill and Barbara's new house


Dianne on the trail

In awe

The Apostle

Kissing Pooh Bears with party hats

Queen Victoria

Jack The Ripper's Palace

Mike in the door way

Maple Canyon - Dianne on the Primate Wall

Mike starts up

The Billster on something henious

The cobbles are awesome

Bill's hangin the draws on Christy and Deb's project - a new 11c

Click Here For A Movie

Click Here For A Movie

Christy goes for the red point on her project

Deb sends it!!!!

Mike and Dianne take a hike just looking for adventure

The Arch without a name

Mike and Dianne

Lordy, we found a canyon

Thesalonian Butress - we climb up the right side

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Click Here For A Movie

Mike relaxing in the Diamond Fork Hot Spring

more hot tubs

relaxing in one of the many pools

Dianne peaking out of another pool

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