Blue Moon Canyon, 8/2/2004

Blue Moon Canyon, day 3

Blue Moon - the whole enchilada in a day - looking down from the top at the Tunnel of Love

Mike decending Rap 1 - 150 ft

rope management

into the Tunnel of Love - the first of Blue Moon's 3 snow tunnels

You're coming aren't you sweetie?

Looking back at the Tunnel of Love - it is significantly shorter than last year on Labor Day

Blue Moon has a few excapes but lots of wide areas in case of flood

the upper section narrows are short

looking back at the upper narrows

Rap 2 - rope left yesterday is a little soggy but no real damage done

Mike descending

Mike's Alcove between Rap 2 and 3

Looking down canyon from the same stance

Dianne heads down

stemming a narrow spot

Looking back at Rap 3

Looking back at down climbs

the moves

dicy stems in the middle narrows

What a blast!!!

Mike on right negotiating the down climb

he made it!

what, it's not over yet!

the dead point

Rap 4 - you've seen the photo - now see the movie!

Click Here For A Movie

Click Here For A Movie

Click Here For A Movie

Blue Moon ATunnel 1

things are a pit different from yesterday. Notice the water streams from the melt.

this is a walk around on the right LDC

See the rocks ahead? Thats the top of Blue Moon Tunnel 2 whating to melt down.

The pile of clean rocks in the center, to the right of the big rock is what is left of an openning yesterday. Things are meting fast.

The 24 inch rock that was above our exit yesterday has come down too!

looking back, we made it through

hiking the crystal section

fun down climbing in the lower narrows

Dianne's made it about 2/3 of the way through the lower narrows.

Mike's turn

Dianne starts the last section of the lower narrows

Micheal's turn

well a bit more down climbing yet, but this is pretty fun even if it is spitting rain

Rap 5 - last one- Dianne goes first

The last 10 minutes - still cool

beautiful polished red stone

All done

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