Blue Moon Canyon, 8/1/2004

Blue Moon descent, day 1

Day 1 - found a walk down route 1/3 up Blue Moon - Dianne sitting in front of Blue Moon Tunnel 2

water cascading through Blue Moon Tunnel 2 - we explored up canyon as far as possible

Mike in the tunnel

Dianne in BM Tunnel 2

Mike crawls out of BM Tunnel 2

Crystal clear water sheets over the gray stone

Side canyon we considered rapping down. Moments later rocks fell on Dianne out of no where. Good helmet day.

Blue Moon Tunnel 1 - less daunting then BMT2

A fall passed to the right

Blue Moon Tunnel 1

Blue Moon Tunnel 1 from the top of the falls

We got stopped at the double falls

time to turn around

but let's check pool dept for tomorrow's decent

this is what is above the double falls which we can't circumvent.

on the way back down

hole in the roof of BMT1

starting down past our entry point we find cool cascades

challenging to get around

Mike picks his way through

Dianne continues the down climb

looking back

take a photo of that

rut roh!

rap off a tree - eleminated on the next day

easily by-passed fall

last rap

Day 2 - we rapped in from the old mine site

the 1st rappel in the middle section is about 85 feet

not knowing what was ahead we decided to leave the rope in place

Mike decends rap 2 of the middle section

looking back at some smaller falls we've down climbed

Click Here For A Movie

more narrows down climbed

Mike on the final rap (same one photoed yesterday)

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