San Rafael Swell, 5/8/2004

The San Rafael Swell, with Dianne, Charly, Michelle, Sharon, Judy, Bob and Cindy.

Mike & Dianne at the top of Knotted Rope

Taking a break before the slot

the scary traverse

we start through the pot holes

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the first pole crossing

sliding down the pole

looking back at the slide pole


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sand dune at the end if the slot

Charlie & Michelle - Cindy & Bob

an oasis of cattails

the return up Muddy Creek

5/9/04 Music Canyon to The Chute of Muddy Creek with The Crew

Bob & Cindy find romance in Music

Dianne makes a fine anchor

the anchor down climbs with a little help

The Canyon Tango

Sharon, Bob, Cindy & Dianne

Sharon, Bob, Dianne & Mike

Bob down slides while Cindy and Dianne prepare to Brake. Sharon, the puddle poodle gives beta from the far side.

we start down the Chute of Muddy Creek

Sharon hikes up her shorts to stay dry. Ha!

Cindy in the latest sport fashions take her pack for a walk

Dianne revisits the Ledge of Terror on the infamous flash flood of 1998

It's good to be still alive

it gets deeper

Bob & Cindy under the log jam

Sharon & Dianne under the log jam

the love birds

5/11/05 Mike, Dianne & Sharon start down Baptist Draw. Everyone else has had enough!

Sharon rappels into Chute Canyon

Dianne - Come on Down!

we start up Chute C.

good girl friends do canyons

dianne gets tired so Sharon give her a lift

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Mike is the official expedition photographer

Sharon spread her legs

put the helmit back on!

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