Robber's Roose, 9/17/2004

Robbers Roost Women's Trip

Day 1: Judy and Dianne start down Bull Pasture Canyon in the Robbers Roost area.

The 1st rappel is off a grapefruit size rock kinda wedged in a crack.

Judy descends.

Dianne in front of a down climb

The second and last rap is completely free off a bush.

Day 2: Sam's Mesa Box Canyon. Left to Right: Linda, Margie, Cindy, Dead Cow, Margit, Judy. Dianne's behind the camera. Same crew from the infamous Muddy Creek trip sans Annie and Cammie.

Margit DCing

Linda is a speck in the crack DCing with belay on the 1st rap.

Cindy starts rap 2 off an ibis hook.

Linda gingerly exicutes rap 2 off the hook. Everyone else had the luxery of a backup belay.

Margit at the top of the 3rd rap. We opted out of this one and went for the exit 100 m back up canyon.

down canyon from the 3rd rap.

Michael finished up the new patio while Dianne was out frolicking in the desert.

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