The Black Hole, 5/24/2004

The Black Hole, with Dianne and Linda

Linda, Mike and Dianne set off to do the Black Hole despite reports of henious log jams blocking the canyon.

We smile now as we all say "hypothermia".

400 ft high Cendar Mesa sandstone walls

Rut Roh! The first log jam.

Either its massive or the girls have shrunk.

Find Dianne... Having made the summit, she plants the flag at the upper left hand side of the jam..

Mike decends the jam.

Linda navigates some pot holes.

The worst part is the floating log stew. Pretty stinky & strenuous.

Linda & Dianne negoiate more log cocktail.

boy is it thick

the next jam

Dianne watches Linda inch through the maze.

Dianne goes through next.

Mike takes a foto of Linda as he emerges from the jam

looking back at some of the mess caused by the 2003 flash flood.

still more to go

Dianne conquers a lesser summit. Still it's a proud moment.

looking back at the last of the log stew.

things are finally clear.

things are finally dry

well almost dry

okay not dry

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