Montserrat and Montblanc, 04/30/2003

More scenes around Montserrat

A statue of Pablo Casals, a great Catalan musician from the late 19th century/early 20th century.

St Francis of Assisi

St Michael's Cross

Along the path to St Michael's Chapel

St Michael's Cross

Montserrat from St Michael's Cross

St Michael's Chapel

The Chapel of Our Lady of Solitude

Returning to the canyon enroute to St Jerome (called St Mary's Stream)

A timid visitor to the canyon

The facade of the Basilica of Montserrat

St Mary's Square

No A La Guerra, an anti-war sign popular in Spain, on the offices of Montserrat.

Two tombs near the atrium of the Basilica

St Mary's Square

The Way of the Cross, sadly many of the monuments are gone due to damage, neglect and time.

The way to Brother Gari's Viewpoint

The cave where, according to legend, Brother Gari lived.

Montserrat from Brother Gari's Viewpoint

The image of St Mary at Brother Gari's Viewpoint

Walking back towards Montserrat

The twisty streets of Montblanc

The inn we stayed at. They cooked their meals over an open fire.

The facade of the 14 century Temple of Santa Maria la Major and ornate cobblestones in the Placa Santa Maria in Montblanc

View of Montblanc from Santa Barbara hill

Scenes from Montblanc

The Hospital and Church of Santa Magdalena built in the 14th century and remodelled in the 16th century.

Narrow bridge near Montblanc

The Tower-porch of Sant Jordi, where legend has it Sant Jordi killed the dragon.

The main fountain of Montblanc, completed in 1804.

Skateboardin' in Montblanc

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