Barcelona, 04/21/2003

Pictures around Barcelona, esp. Modernista architecture (Gaudi, et al)

Casa Batllo - Gaudi representation of St George and the Dragon. The roof is the dragon. The balconies are the skulls of the dragon's victims. St. George is Barcelona's patron saint.

La Pedrera - Guadi apartment building. Susan's sister is on the waiting list for an apartment. We will be visiting.

Casa de les Punxes - Puig i Cadafalch modernista creation.

Sagrada Familia - Guadi begin construction of this church in 1882. It is scheduled for competion in 2030. It is amazing. If I was an architect this is where I'd be working.

The Passion facade by Josep Subirachs completed in 1978.

This is the inside. The roof will be on by 2010. The columns are styled after giant redwoods. Branches spread at the ceiling.

The Nativity facade. Guadi's love of nature comes out in over 100 plant and animal species sculpted in stone.

Now we start ascending one of the spires taking photos along the way.

Looking back down the stairs we've climbed.

Rosedoor Cloister - The Devil's temptation of man is represented by a serpent wrapped around the leg of a bomb throwing rebel. This was actually completed by Guadi before his death in 1926. It was inspired by anarchist riots of 1909.

NOT Sagrada Familia - We just happened upon this while walking to the Gaudi park.

Park Guell - Begun by Gaudi and funded by Guell as a suburb for the wealthy, the project was abandoned long before completion.

Park Guell Sala Hipostila - The mosaic in the pavilion ceiling are composed of broken dinnerware and bottles.

On the way back to Hostel Dali.

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