Scouting Canyons, 08/25/2002

Scouting canyons on the south and east sides of Mt Rainier, with Ken.

Christine Falls: Doable, but with heavy water. Anchors scarce. Close to the road, which may nix this one...

Clouds on Rainier:

Waterfalls on Rainier:

Cowlitz Box Canyon. Narrow and beautiful, but too much water... suicide to enter.

Nickel Creek, next door to Cowlitz Box Canyon. After this short stretch, the water drops over a 125+ foot waterfall into its own gorge. Because of the steep drop we couldn't see into this gorge, so... we could see the confluence of Nickel and the Cowlitz, including a natural bridge. The water level in Nickel means it is descendable, at least in late summer. To do so, it is prudent to fix a rope at the bottom to jug out, as the Cowlitz would be very dangerous to swim (read: instant death).

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