Moe's Slot, 04/08/2002

These first few shots were our first rappel after entering the canyon, and correspond with Kelsey's rappel 2:

This is the rappel into the 'Riparian Section', our second rappel but Kelsey's third:

The riparian section is pretty green, but watch for poison ivy...

After the riparian section the canyon narrows into 'subway-like narrows' that Kelsey describes. Spring water flows through this section. We filtered water and ate a quick lunch before descending into what Ram calls the 'Happy Section' - an area of running clear water in potholes, with lots of swimming and splashing about, and occasional sun.

The 'happy section' ends with our third rappel, or Kelsey's Rappel 4. After this point is what Ram calls the 'dark section', very narrow, very dark, lots of logs to negotiate, lots of cold water to swim through, lots of downclimbing and high stemming, etc. In short, this is a very dangerous section of canyon.

This is the final rappel, our 'grand finale':

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