ACA Cedar Mesa Rendezvous, 10/12-14/2001

Some "greatest hits" pictures from the ACA Cedar Mesa Rendezvous.

Rappelling into Fish Flop.

An obstacle in Fish Canyon.

Getting really cold in Fry Canyon.

Roy raps into... ?

Sipapu. Yes, the capitol building will fit under this...

Todd is dwarfed in Gravel Canyon.

Some of the best Gravel has to offer - wading through amazing rock patterns.

Pitney contemplates his future above the second rappel in Gravel Canyon.

If you're paying attention, you can see ruins from Gravel.

Swimming in Gravel's narrows.

Into the narrows - Cheesebox Canyon.

More from Cheesebox.

One of the many swimming narrows in Cheesebox.

Ram and Roy wading in Cheesebox.

Todd shows us that he'd rather downclimb than rappel the third drop in Cheesebox.

John preparing for his next 3D slide show, in Cheesebox.

Ray prepares to step over the abyss, in Cheesebox.

Phillip and the endless narrows, in Cheesebox.

For the complete photo collection, check out:

  • 10/14/2001: Cheesebox Canyon, Cedar Mesa ACA Rendezvous, UT
  • 10/13/2001: Gravel Canyon, Cedar Mesa ACA Rendezvous, UT
  • 10/12/2001: Sipapu Natural Bridge, Cedar Mesa ACA Rendezvous, UT
  • 10/12/2001: Fry Canyon, Cedar Mesa ACA Rendezvous, UT
  • 10/12/2001: Fish Flop/Fish Canyons, Cedar Mesa ACA Rendezvous, UT
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