Lake Serene, WA 08/18/2000

A (very) rainy hike to past Bridal Veil Falls, to Lake Serene below the amazing north peak of Mt Index, somewhere along the road to Stevens Pass.

The hike started overcast, but after a mile or so, the constant soaking downpour -- which would remain throughout the rest of the hike -- started. Luckily, the rain makes the colors more vibrant green:

A steep sidetrail took me to Bridal Veil Falls:

And back on the trail. The trail is steep, but amazingly well groomed, with lots of wooden and rock steps built in along the way.

Finally, the peaceful zen-like Lake Serene! The north peak of Mt Index is awesome... and because of clouds, I couldn't even see the entire thing! Easily as amazing as Chasm Lake below Longs. Unfortunately, it got a bit chilly as the rain crescendoed, so I didn't stay long... but I did get a few great glimpses of the surrounding cliffs through the mist.

As I headed down, the clouds did break up a bit. By the time I was back in town... blue sky and sunshine.

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