Multnomah Falls, OR 08/16/2000

A day trip hiking in the Multnomah Falls area, just outside of Portland, in the Columbia River Gorge. The area has many excellent waterfalls, and lots of great forest hiking -- in spots, the gorges even resembled "alpine slot canyons", if such a thing exists. Because of several "wrong turns" in trails, my planned 5-6 mile hike became a 10+ mile march with all sorts of brutal elevation gain. But the waterfalls and views were well worth it.

The lower portion of Multnomah falls:

And the upper portion, reputed to be the second longest drop for a continuously flowing waterfall in the US:

Past the falls, a steep trail led to the top. The trail was steep enough to keep most tourists away, and after a mile or so, the crowds dwindled to nearly nothing. For most of the forest hiking I was blissfully alone with great views:

At the top of the falls is a small platform, and just above it a nice small waterfall, and then a view of the Columbia River:

Then up the trail past the top of the falls for some pretty forest and stream views:

The next (I assume) named waterfall, Weisendanger Falls:

Not sure if this next falls has a name or not. If not, it is more impressive than just about any falls in Colorado, and it would be ironic that it is unnamed. Unfortunately, no trail led to the bottom of the falls -- so this picture, well above, is about the alone vantage point without a steep torturous decent through poison oak:

The trail finally curved, heading west towards the next drainage:

Fairy falls, perhaps the prettiest one in the area:

Some of the cascades below Fairy Falls:

Another view of the Columbia, from a viewpoint dedicated to a firefighter who died near here some 20 years earlier.

Wahkeena Falls, at least the upper portion. Yeah yeah, that's mist from the waterfall that caused those dots on the lens:

The first in a series of wrong turns skipped the Horsetail falls, and led me directly to Oneonta Falls. That's what I get for using a brochure map as my trail map... and boy didn't I feel like an idiot when I realized that Horsetail is right next to the highway...

Perhaps a mile or so past Oneonta Falls is Triple Falls:

And a look up Oneonta Gorge, past Triple Falls, before descending back to Horsetail Falls:

Horsetail Falls. Notice that big road right in front of it...

I wasn't going to hike to Pony Tail Falls (also called Upper Horsetail Falls), but it was only 1/2 mile... what the heck? It was worth it - a very pretty waterfall. The trail continues past the falls to Oneonta. In fact, the trail goes behing the falls. Pretty photogenic stuff!

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