Deception Pass State Park, WA, 08/14/2000

In a state where any boat ramp is considered a state park, Deception Pass on the north end of Whidbey Island is actually a beautiful place. It's about an hour or so north of Seattle.

Deception Pass is not a mountain pass (can't tell I'm from Colorado, eh?), but rather a narrow sea channel that cuts Whidbey off from the mainland. A scenic bridge crosses the channel, and there are a lot of neat beaches along the water.

First up is West Beach. The northern end of west beach is a bunch of neat rock formations that fall right into the sea. I spent a lot of time here watching the tide roll in, and the waves crashing spectacularly against the jagged rock faces.

Then off for a brief visit of North Beach:

And back again to the rocks and west beach:

I must have been really drunk when I took this next picture... can you figure out why?

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