Snow Lake and Gem Lake, Alpine Peaks Wilderness, 08/10/2000

A hike near Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. It was mostly overcast and misty all day, which added a sylvan feel to the forest and mountains.

The first part of the hike is near the Alpental ski area, and alternated between open, clear-cut areas and deep forest. The trail heads up to a "pass", then drops down to Snow Lake, which is a *huge* mountain lake, at least by Colorado standards.

The clouds did occasionally part, at least until I got to the lake. So, for the entire hike, I saw little of the high peaks (though pictures in the hiking guide look spectacular). Regardless, it was still a very pretty and highly recommended hike.

Finally, arriving at Snow Lake. Near the shore was the ruins of an old stone cabin. After milling about and taking a ton of pictures, I continued along the trail -- which for the next half mile or so followed the lake -- taking pictures, and heading for Gem Lake.

Finally reached Gem Lake. It was pretty foggy up until the lake, when the clouds parted enough to take a few pictures. After 5-10 minutes, they came back again, as if to close me off from the sanctity of the place. I took the hint, and headed back down.

Upon reaching Snow Lake, some more clouds parted and I was able to take shots of the lake that were previously covered by mists. Then, recrossed the "pass" into sunlight, and headed back home.

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