Burroughs Mountain, 7828ft, Mt Rainier Nat'l Park, WA

A day hike up Burroughs Mountain, near Sunrise, and with awesome views of Mt Rainier.

The Sarvent Glaciers and nearby peaks, from near Sunrise:

The Big R, from the Burroughs Mountain trail:

Goat Island Mountain:

First Burroughs Mountain. There are three summits to Burroughs, but the trail only climbs the first two (the top of Second Burroughs has a nice stone bench, once a memorial). There is an "unofficial trail" to the top of the third, highest summit:

Alpine flowers are everywhere in this park:

The first destination is Shadow Lake:

More shots enroute to First Burroughs (forgive the sun glare... you try taking these pictures with a blaring sun reflecting off of the glaciers):

Once on top... Second Burroughs, as seen from First Burroughs:

Skyscraper Mountain, from First Burroughs:

Once atop Second Burroughs, almost everyone turns around, or takes a downhill trail to Glacier Basin. But no, not me... the view of the true summit of Burroughs:

Rainier is mostly a snow and ice peak. It's pretty, but aside from icefalls, not very rugged looking. Its little sibling, Little Tahoma Peak (pictured here) looks infinitely more interesting to climb:

Winthrop Glacier, from the top of Burroughs. The first ridge to the right of the glacier is Curtis Ridge, after that the famous Nordwand of Rainier -- Willis Wall. I saw (and heard) quite a few rockfalls down Curtis Ridge. Proof that Rainier is a living mountain:

Little Tahoma on the left. Just below and to the right is Mt Ruth, then the Inter Glacier, then Steamboat Prow. Just above the Prow is Camp Schurman, one of the big climber camps on Rainier. If only I had an ice axe and crampons at this point...

I climbed down the northern ridge of Burroughs for a ways, to get this shot of the amazing once-volcanic ridges and cliffs that make up so much topography in this area:

I took a different trail back to Sunrise -- via Frozen Lake. Unfortunately, the lake is the water supply for Sunrise, so the entire lake is fenced off...

First Burroughs from Frozen Lake:

And finally... looking towards Sunrise, from the top of a hill just east of Frozen Lake:

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