05/05/2000: Orlando, Florida

After the conference ended, I was able to spend 4 or 5 hours exploring Sea World. The place is amazing, though every time I went to a show I ended up sitting in the "splash zone" -- meaning the trainers would take great delight in allowing the whales to splash the audience. The end result is that I didn't get pictures of the shows (because I like my camera and figured salt water is bad for it). But I did take a few pictures, mostly of the Dolphin tank, simply because it was the best lit area. I lucked out and half the underwater viewing area was closed, so I was able to get some shots without people standing in the way. It's amazing -- everyone wants to touch the dolphins, so they stand at the above water viewing area and splash the water to coax the dolphins to visit. Of course, the splashing scares the dolphins away...

I finally saw the whale shows, plus all sorts of other animals -- manitees, a really cool arctic exhibit, the list goes on. Below is a picture of the whales before the killer whale show.

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