03/08/2009: Turkey (Dianne's photos Part 2)

Michael and Dianne's 4th anniversary spent in Turkey Part 2.

Travertine deposits at Pamukkale

You are allowed to walk on one section but only barefooted.

Hierapolis at Pamukkale

Antique Pool - hot springs you can swim in with ancient columns placed in it for effect.

The Plutonium releases toxic gases escaping from the underword.

Roman Theater

Church where St. Philip was martyred.

Gate to city

Roman baths that travelers use before entering the City.

Mile long necropolis

a tomb

Another type of tomb

A very nice gaurd invited us to go into one of the tombs

He then offer to take our photo!

Inside of an above ground tomb

our hotel in Pamukkale had its own travertine pool

strange bird - half duck half chicken

Konya - authentic hamam

low doors connect humid rooms

A large hexigon marble slab occupies the center of the bath. You lay on it to warm your bady up for the scrub.

The woman who scrubbed Dianne and Jean with her two girls.

Tombs of whorling derishes

Kiosk for cleaning feet before entering the mosque.

Rug doorway on mosque.

market in Konya

Konya mosque

Sultanhani Canavaseria along the 1500s trade route

inside the caravanseria is places to bath, sleep, kitchen and stables.

Underground city of Kaymakh

underground church

Winery? hmmm.

stone door rolled in place to block attackers.

air shaft

don't know what these nitches are for.

rolling door

Kaymakh from on top the underground city

our fellow traveler the shiek


roof of a house

Michael and Robert walking on top the roof of an abandoned house without realizing it.

Inside the abandoned house was very similar to the restored house we ate in that night.

Turkey's moki steps and stone dwelllings. Bandoleer on steroids

Inside one of the fairy chimneys is a strange slot window.

next to the slot window is one with 7 pin holes.

looking out the door

looking back at the fairy chimney I had been insdie. The door is 1/3 the way to the top. Michael had to spot me coming down.

the Goreme open air museum is many rock hewn Byzantine churches, monasteries and chapels.

Tthe little holes in the big windows are for pigeon keeping.

church door

no flash is allowed in churches so my photos don't do justice to the beauty

We didn't know what this was all about

chicken eating plant on top of ground. Underground is the devil.

Up in the dome is paradise shown as palm trees.

Turtles depicting the long slow journey toward heaven.

Our group with Gate! travel.

tombs & Anderson

inside a church


Long rock table used for dinner.

Painting at the end of the table is the Last Super.

The police station.

weaver at high pressure sales carpet warehouse

demonstraition getting silk from a cacoon.

scrambling among the formations.

a dancing couple from Victorian times

another stop with more carved fairy chimneys.

Robert and Jean on the steps.

Michael in a vertical tunnel connecting floors within a formation.

Michael looking out the top window.

Ben in window.

Pigeon valley. We were the only ones from our group to decend into this valley so we had to fly through it snapping photos as fast as we could.

Amazing place with little gardens on the valley floor.

just a tunnel in the walk way

Hotel in Ankara was pretty but heavy with smoke residual.

Rainy day in Ankara. Alan, Kathy, Polly, David, Michael, Robert and Jean.

Clockwise: Michael, David, Dianne, Jean, Robert, Kathy, Allen, Polly.

House/museum/restaurant we went for tea to dry up a bit.

Bridal store with boy's circumcision finery.

Coppersmith decorating a bowl for Dianne.

Spices in the spice bazaar.

flavourings in the Spice Bazaar.

Turkish delight

Masses in the Grand Bazaar

school along the road

Medusa in the Roman cistern under Istanbul

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