03/04/2009: Dianne and Michael in Turkey (Dianne's photos part 1)

Dianne and Michael spend their 4th anniversary in Turkey

We tube out to Piccadilly Square during a London stop over.

First morning in Istanbul is spent at the Topkapi Palace.

My Constantinople date is waiting in Istanbul. The far shore is Asia.

More of the palace grounds.

Topkapi Palace - Baghdad Kiosk

Inside rooms are generally hexagonal, tiled, carpeted, stain glassed and often have a fancy ball hanging from the peaked center.

Suleymaniye Mosque with minarets under construction.

Michael at door of the Revan Kiosk

Inside Revan Kiosh

We have no idea what this fount was for but everyone seemed to be having their photo taken by it so what the heck.

The Imparial Counsil Chamber.

Unfortunately the extensive palace kitchens were closed during our visit.

Door to the Counsil Chamber were the sultan met with advisors.

Courtyard of the Black Eunuchs inside the Topkapi Palance Harem

Beautiful tile work of cypress trees.

The Sultan's Hamam (bath).

Courtyard of the Valide Sultan

Very few tourist were at the Topkapi Palace but lots of local school kids were out on field trips.

Down a walk way the palace stable had a special exhibit of Sulatn Suleyman III.

Out of the Topkopi Palace and on to Haghia Sophia.

the center of Haghia Sophia has a 101 ft high dome currently with scaffolding with stairs to the top of the dome.

Pulpit for the Muslim leading prayer.

Sophia was originally a Christian Chuch. The Virgin and Child at the front dome was cover when the church was converted to a mosque and uncovered when turn into a museum.

mosaic of Mary and Jesus flanked by Emperor John II and Empress Irene.

Another mosiac of a saint posing with royalty.

ramps led from the ground floor to upper galleries

Michael and Dianne on our way to the Blue Mosque.

The Blue Mosque

Dianne in appropriate head gear. Michael was a bit worried that too many curls were escaping.

The mosque is mainly a huge open room.

One of many little cemetaries which seemed to be everywhere.

Spices at the Egyptian or Spice Bazaar.

Night time looking from the bridge across the Golden Horn.

Nightlife on the bridge.

We left Istanbul and europe by way of a ferry across the Dardenelles.

My date, leaving Europe behind.

My first trip into Asia. Michael's 2nd.


Urns were buried undergound for food/oil storage and preservation.

Troy had at least 9 lives. Walls are from various incarnations.

Some walls were mud bricks.

A road within the city.

Altars for sacrificing bulls with trenches and basins for blood flow.

Troy ampitheater

pool with sea behind at hotel in Cannakkale

bus ride along the Agean on a wet day.

The Red Basilica of Pergamum is on of the 7 churches of Asia and is where the devil will be enthroned per Revelations.

Pergamum acropolis.

Pergamum's unusually steep ampitheater was built into a natural hill side.

Off from the ampitheater's stage is the temple of Dionysus.

walk way through arches.

Anderson sitting at bottom. Michael and Patty (Anderson's mom) up at the top.

Bull and snake


triumphal arches in center

Room with a view in Kusadasi

House of the Virgin Mary on mountain above Ephesus.

Mary's cistern.

Virgin Mary

Ephesus on a rainy day without hords of tourists. Just tourist like us.

Varian Baths


Entrance to Odeun (upper class meeting place)

Cross on lentel.


water palace in background

Ephesus manhole cover

Fountain of Pollius

water pipe

Christian symbol

Nike (of course another shoe joke by the guide).

Nico (Neejo) out guide.

Okay there were a few people there. Alan and Nico are in the lower right corner.

Hercules with the golden fleece are at the entrance to the pedestrian mall.

Hercules has nothing on my handsome hubby.

tomb along the Curetan Road way.

the Curetan Way leads to the Celsius Library.

Floor mosaic at the Agora/\.

The Scolastica Baths

Square cut-outs for lead to hold the pillar sections togehter.

Temple of Hadrian with Fortune, the goddess of fate in the first arch and Medusa on the inside arch.


Looking back up Curetan Way.

The public lavitory had clean running water above for hand washing. Water running below was deverted behind the mountain rather than to the harbor.

tomb along Curetan Way.

Celcius Library

Marble work inside Hill Houses being pieced together.

walls in living areas

close-up on repeating wall design.

indoor plumbing

mosaic floor of lion killling bull

mosaic floors

oven pipes vent the kitchen

more pipes at floor

floor mosiac

back outside to the library

Curetan Way

Sophia (Wisdom), one of the 4 virtues outside the library

Gates of Mazzeus and Mitridate.

Sign showing way to the House of Love.

The Marble Way

Ephesus III and the Basilica and tomb of St. John

Tomb of St. John

Baptismal font

overlooking Sulcuk

mosque ruins next to Ephesus III.

Room with a view.

Our swimming pool.

Walking to dinner.

Nighttime excursion to Pigeon Island.

Travertine cliffs at Pamumkkale

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