07/18/2009: Ouray Upper Oak Creek & Lower Angel Creek

Dianne and Michael explore a new canyon - Upper Oak Creek and return to Lower Angel to equip a rap.

Water level of Oak Creek next to the car park.

Shack ruins enroute to Upper Oak Creek

One of 2 entrances to the Anthony Mine.

You drop into the creek shortly after the mine and right at the 1st fall. This photo shows the water level next to a pretty permenant log.

We went around this fall left LDC.

looking back at the first fall

We've come equipped with multiple layers of neoprene but Ouray had a high of 95 so we left most of it in our packs.

down climbing in the creek

Michael setting up the 1st rap.

Since this canyon was unknown to us we took 500 ft of rope, 100+ ft webbing, pitons, handdrill, jumars, etries etc. etc. Michael pack weight was brutal and I wasn't a princess either.

This down climb looks easier than it was.

An easy downclimb before the second rap.

With a convenent tree Dianne sets up the 2nd rap.

We considered traversing RLCD and not rapping but looked pretty dicey. 3rd rap was on the left (RLDC).

4th rap is off a rock in the middle of the stream. The webbing won't last but this 2 part rap in the center of a slick shute was tricky and super.

If your feet slip you'll be fully in the fall.

Part 2 of the same rap - Michael goes on by Dianne in the 30 foot walk between.

This one looks worse than it is. Fun!

Last or 5th rap. Someone else may have the guts to go down the log and skip this rap.

Upper Oak Creek ends where we cross the creek on our approach hike on a maintained trail. Middle Oak Creek starts at this point with a beautiful fall. Since it was 3:30 we decided not to push it and call it a very, very, fun and rewarding day.

View from Oak Creek Trail as we hike down. Uncompahgre drainage is in the center behind the forested ridge, Bear Creek is left of that.

Dianne pleasantly surprised that the 15 minute approach to Lower Angel Creek is truely 15 minutes. Plus we only need 100 ft of rope and a Bosch.

The 1st rap is off a rock in the middle of the stream. The webbing from 2008 is gone.

beautiful sculpted pools

You can traverse the edge but why?

The water is crystal clear.

The webbing at the 2nd rappel is gone so Dianne is seduced into DCing. It works fine LLDC with a spot.

Ahhh, Michael breaks out the Bosch. The anchor from his last descent is completely gone.

We considered this spot for the anchor but then saw the nest a foot away.

4 little red spotted eggs were in the nest. We put the anchor on the other side of the canyon.

Nice rap into the pool but out of the fall.

Lots of rocks to take back to the home garden. Without 500 ft of rope we can fit a few pounds in our packs.

Dianne DCed rap 4 but left the webbing since it was intact from 2008. This was the only one of the 4 raps which servived a year. We found the webbing from the 1st rap midway through the canyon.

The exit is a fin seperating Angel from Canyon Creek. In 10 minutes you are back at the camp ground. A 10 minute round trip walk at the end retrieves the webbing from the start since we know it won't last long.

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