10/16/2008: Cowboy and West Cheesebox Canyon

Michael, Dianne, Linda, Deb and Mia explore Cedar Mesa canyons.

Michael, Dianne, Deb, Mia and Linda prepare for the walk down the Cowboy C. fashion runway.

Dianne and Linda spot Deb at start of Cowboy.

Some nice DCing

Linda gives Dianne the DC beta

I have no idea what she is doing but it resembles rapping.

Rap in Lower Gravel Canyon

Tarantula rescued from pool

Narrows in Lower Gravel.

Deb finds some great petrified wood on long hike into W Cheesebox

The grainary in W Cheesebox is quite accessable from the drainage.

Mia, Linda, grainary, Dianne, Deb and Michael behind the camera.

Around the corner from the granary is the dwelling.

The actual dwelling.

After the ruins the canyon slots up.

awkward start

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