05/23/2009: Memorial Day 2009 North Wash and Fry

Memorial Day weekend 2009 Michael, Dianne, Jeanette, Brad, Scott, Ken, Karen, Paul, Paul II, Anne and Pat have fun in the rain, Lucky Charms, Fry and Leprecahaun Canyons.

Since it's been raining pretty much all day we decide to hike up to the Leprechaun confluence.

Pat up climbing

Jeanette walking up Leprechaun.

Karen and Anne opt to forego the wet stuff.

Mother-Daughter canyon shot


Paul, Karen and Dianne

big lizard

Finally the rain lets up enough to warm up on Lucky Charms. Jeanette takes the lead and fines a rattlesnake and a challenging 30 ft climb.

Jeanette and Ken go for the up-climb while the rest of us do the walk around.

The girl's got moxie!

Dianne led the 2nd up climb and throws back down a hand line.

Jeanette comes on up.

waiting their turn

Pat's next

Now Paul.

Paul II



Ken brings up the rear.

On the top the clouds are still boiling.

We scout along the rim for the right decent canyon.

Down we go from pothole to pothole.

Dianne and Paul assist Brad

Sunday is nice enough for Fry. Paul, Ken, Jeanette, Paul, Anne, Pat, Dianne, Scott and Brad with Michael behind the camera.


Ken on the single rap.

Water was running through the entire canyon. Fry was at it's glory.

Dianne and Jeanette

Jeanette inspired by the Anasazi ruins.

Anne and Paul

Up White C to find the exit.

It's really flowing.

Petroglyphs at the Sandtrax camp. (Pat could have drawn this well in kindergarten.)

Monday morning we're off to do the right fork of Leprechaun.

Dianne sets up the 1st rap. The notches in the rock indicate that a few people have rapped the DC above.

Pat on a slide.

Pat and Paul giving Dad DCing advice.

All the water makes Leprechaun all the more fun.

Paul stemming.

OMG, Michael finally asks Paul to face the camera & smile : )

Paul rapping

I'ved got to go down there?

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