08/12/2008: NF Corbett Canyoneering

Canyoneering the NF of Corbett, aka Pryor Creek

Big flood came through a few days before. This was the road.

Big waterfall. We skip this one.

This is where the canyon gets good, where Pryor Creek meets the main fork.

The "traverse of DOOOM" (I'll never do this traverse again).

That's about 100' drop below the traverse.

We go for a different anchor. ;)

Red narrows.

Rock stack anchor building

Lots of flood debris

Another anchor that we skipped in the end.

This boulder looks like a nicer anchor.

Dianne and I climbed up this waterfall in previous years.

Very beautiful section

My favorite part.

Waterfalls come in the sides.

Another nasty traverse.

We skip the traverse and use a tree instead.

More flood damage. Those were trees a week earlier.

Ivan's Tail scoping

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