07/04/2009: Fourth of July with the Mullers

Dianne and I visit her family in Missouri for the 4th of July.

We stay at a very nice house overlooking the Missouri River at Hermann complements of the Baumstarks

At Kathy's for the festivities

Jeffrey and his shrapnel blast shield... wonder what that is for?

Patrick, Kevin, Suzanne & Cleo probably plotting something.

We are to compete in a variety of games...

wii tennis. Tylor schools his dad Eric. I think Tylor was the champion due to some wicked shot of his.

Mexican Train dominoes. Clockwise from front Mara (looking worried that she'd hurt our feelings by beating us all), Denis, Rachael, Stephen, Dianne and friend of the Baumstarks.

That's a bowling pin getting blown up in the background

Time to blow things up... ?

Tim and Bret

Patty kicks off the BSU (blow something up) competition with the Sister's winning entry.

First up, the story of Barbie blowing up Ken, or somesuch.

Some not so deep resentments can be aired at the BSU.

Yes, Barbie won and Yes, it was fixed.

Next up, lots of melons get blown up.



Kathy is blown up in effigy.

More simmering family disfunction.

I think this is Patty who can't survive without her Blackberry.

Gwenn with her mom's likeness.


No, That is not fair. Shelly is so nice. I think she let Rachel win at wii and look what she gets.

Next up, a watermelon is blown up with a half pound of Tannerite.

Note to self, a half pound is overkill to blow up a watermelon, but hey, it's fun and boy was it loud.

Some strange exploding bucket thing

I grew before the explosion.

Jeffrey helps us blow up Barney.

Smoke effects added by Dianne's dad

It was the most colorful but no points for that.

Oops, a dud, but Jeffrey fixes things

Guts were flying! Barney is dead! No more 'I Love You' song!

Jeffrey is the man when it comes to explosives. Calm, cool, collected and only 15.

Dino guts actually smell pretty bad.

Jeffrey and his buddy getting there entry staged.

Charlie and Jeffrey put final touches to a rube golberg device to blow up unsuspecting garden gnomes.

Water balloon fight

Human targets must stay in 2 foot circles. Kathy welcomes the bomb because the aim is bad with the sling shot. CW from Kathy: Matthew, Joanne, Stephen, Patty, Steve C is off to left making certain the targets don't stray. Theresa is on the trampoline with Bret and Jeffery is way in the background.working on the final BSU entry.

Hit or miss?

So this is what Jeffrey's blast shield is for... blowing up a microwave? The haze is from the tannerite BSU.

Not much left

A big tree fell over due to the rain (not due to us blowing things up). Dianne actually saw it fall.

The blast shield. I think it should be in an art museum.

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