06/03/2010: Exploring San Francisco

Dianne explores San Francisco while Michael is on a business trip. Had a great 4 day weekend in the process!

Museum of coin operated acrcade machines

See how many volts you can take. Watched a couple of boys play. They laughed so much it was infectious.

Submarine Pampanito

Pampanito's torpedos

torpedo innerds

torpedo launch chamber


skid for tordepo loading

submarine Pampanito


some sort of diving water foul

carousel on Pier 39

Approaching Alcatraz

riding on the front of the cable car

Dolores Mission - oldest building in SF

St Martin - janitor who worked the miracle of getting a dog, cat and mouse to drink from the same dish.


Dick is hoping for 1st place in the compost comp at the county fair.

Garden tour of Alcatraz


Burned out Warden's house

gaurd tower

San Francisco

Alcatraz hillside of flowers origanally plant by inmate can be seen from San Francisco.

snowy egrete

Inmate's gardening shed

Dude in petzel helmit rapping from roof.

snowy egrete in middle of flowering bushes.

inside the block house

Dianne's lunch is cracked open

China town gate

Unoin Square outside our hotel

Chinese play cards in the park

Union Park

On a cable car

We biked from fisherman's wharf over the Golden Gate Bridge, through Solcilito, up into Mill Valley, then over to Tiburon where we took a ferry back.

golden gate bridge in the fog

This is a water sculpture, an organ that is played by wave action against underwater pipes. The tide was low so we didn't hear much but we heard a little and it was very cool.

Us on the tandem bike

The bridge was obscured by fog the entire day

Angel Island

aaaah, mr. espresso in great company

That would be San Fransisco in a lot of fog


We biked to a place called Mill Valley, which had some redwoods. This is a replica of the mill structre that was once here.

What an awesome city park

oh yeah!

Tiberon! We came from way over there!

We had lunch/dinner in Tiburon, seated next the marina

This is the old cabin from a sailing vessel, now a community center

Tiburon is a very cool little town

Here is the line of rented bikes waiting to get on the ferry home

Last day we went to the botanical garden

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